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The Laundry Project assists low-income families with meeting a basic need – washing clothes and linens.


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 1 hour in & we're already at 27 families at Jacksonville #LaundryProject!  What a day at yesterday's Atlanta #LaundryProject!
 Hey, Jacksonville! The #LaundryProject is coming for you tomorrow! Join us - http://laundrybycurrent.org #jax @igersjax  3 teams at 3 locations across #Atlanta today did 1,161 loads of laundry for 121 families (450+ people)! Thanks to the Coin Laundry Association for supporting @engagecurrent #LaundryProject!
 If you live in #Chicago hit up @chicagoemonight tonight. You'll have a great time & be supporting the Chicago #LaundryProject next weekend! https://www.facebook.com/events/1609204799320744/  Huge day today in #Atlanta! 3 #LaundryProject locations across the city! Stay tuned for more updates.